23 Aug

Apple Pay Follow Up (Continued)


A continuation of our previous post, Contactless Payments: NFC & Apple Pay This is a continuation of our previous post about Apple Pay, you can check it out here. It [...]

Apple Pay Follow Up (Continued)2019-08-23T15:36:51-07:00
6 Mar

To Own an EMV Chip Terminal or Not?


Is your credit card terminal capable of reading an EMV chipped card? If not, you’re at risk. Compared to the boring magnetic strip we grew up with, the chip’s advancement [...]

To Own an EMV Chip Terminal or Not?2019-03-06T09:14:06-08:00
27 Feb

A Year in Review


With 2018 officially to a close, it seemed appropriate to reflect and review how the past year was for our business. CEO, Jeremy Ochsner said it was “a year of [...]

A Year in Review2019-02-25T13:57:35-08:00