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We have a suite of services designed for medical practices.

Our suite of secure services designed for medical practices, including secure and virtual terminals, help save you money. Ideal for doctors, dentists, surgery centers, chiropractors and more. All of our services have expediency, ease of use, security, and cost reductions at their core to help save you the most money.

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Not all credit card processing is the same

Stillwater Payments’ Rate Lock means you will never experience a fee increase. Next Day Funding is also included with our programs so that you can enjoy the benefits of fast deposits and improved cash flow.

Stillwater Payments’ customers also benefit from our two guarantees – our Save Smart Guarantee and our No Risk Price and Service Guarantee. Be sure to ask us about each of them because they can make all the difference in the world for your business.

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Maximize savings on insurance single use credit cards

The single use credit cards sent to you by insurance carriers for reimbursements drive an outrageous credit card processing fee. Our virtual terminal is programmed specifically for medical practices in order to deliver the lowest credit card fee available at the moment a charge is processed.

Our unique program is literally the most dramatic way to lower what your practice is paying in credit card processing fees.

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Reduce operating costs and collect funds more quickly

Sending out invoices to all of your patient cost a lot of money. Processing payments received by mail only adds to that cost.

Now you can reduce your operating costs and speed up the collection process with Text 2 Pay. The service is easy to set up and use. By sending a billing notification via text message to a customer’s mobile phone, they can pay for your services instantly from their phone by responding with last four digits of their phone number.

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Stop paying processing fees

Why are you paying processing fees when your patients use their credit card for payment? Stillwater Payments’ Reverse My Fees program will eliminate up to 95% of your credit card processing fees.

If a patient decides to use a credit card to pay for services, a surcharge is automatically calculated by the terminal and added to the patient’s charges as a separate line item on the receipt.

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EMV credit card terminals

No stripped-down models here. We have only the best terminals, all with a full Infinite Warranty for the lifetime of your merchant account, offered at great prices. Every terminal includes P2PE encryption for maximum protection at no extra charge. All terminals are protected with our Infinite Warranty.

We offer Ingenico, Verifone, POYNT, Dejavoo, Pax, and FD credit card terminals.

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