Stillwater Payments’ Save Smart Guarantee is a huge point of differentiation between Stillwater Payments and our competitors. We make every effort to work with you now and long into the future to ensure you are keeping as much of your money as possible in your pockets.

The Save Smart Guarantee represents our commitment to a consultative approach to managing your account. We will take the time to understand where your business is and your specific needs. Once we know your situation, we will recommend the services which will maximize your savings. If your needs change, our recommendations will evolve with you.

For example, even if you have low rates, you may not be minimizing your out of pocket expenses. Interchange is usually the most significant portion of a business’ processing cost. By teaching you how to pay the lowest or even no interchange fees, we can dramatically reduce your overall processing cost. Perhaps it makes sense for you to take advantage of one of our Reverse My Fees programs which can eliminate up to 95% of your fees altogether.

Let us run your current merchant account through our Save Smart Guarantee audit. We will get your Gross Effective Rate as low as possible! Call us today to find out how much you could be saving 877-651-1655.