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How Does Reverse My Fee Processing Work?

While programs vary by state, a surcharge verses a cash discount, the concepts of the program are pretty straight forward.  Here’s an example of a use case which virtually eliminates credit card processing fees.

When a customer decides to pay for your product or service with a credit card, you will run their card through a Reverse My Fees payment terminal or virtual terminal. The terminal processes the payment, as usual, but an additional surcharge is automatically added to the transaction. The surcharge amount is automatically calculated by the credit card terminal or virtual terminal, and a separate line item is added onto the customer’s receipt. The surcharge is a fixed percentage, usually 3-4%.

The customer pays the total cost for the product or services plus the surcharge, and the funds are transferred to your bank within 12-48 hours. As a result, your processing costs are offset by the surcharge resulting in a savings of thousands of dollars in processing fees each year.

Choose a Reverse My Fees account and your payment processing fees are 95% covered.  Save as much as 95% off your merchant fees. 


Since 95% of your processing fees will be eliminated, you will be protected from the possibility of processing fee rate increases. While your competitors are dealing with uncertainty, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from financial surprises.


Many unsuspecting business owners have been lured in by our competitors with the promise of free credit card processing. Unfortunately, those dreams often end in a nightmare of awful, egregious leases attached to them for equipment which can be as much as $3,000-$9,600 per credit card terminal total on a 48 mo. lease.

With Stillwater Payments, you can enjoy the best of both worlds- a Reverse My Fees program and no equipment fees.


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