Apple Pay Follow Up (Continued)

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A continuation of our previous post, Contactless Payments: NFC & Apple Pay This is a continuation of our previous post about Apple Pay, you can check it out here. It has been reported on April 30th, Apple Inc. Chief executive, Tim Cook, expects Apple Pay to reach 10 billion in transactions this calendar year. Already, Apple has reported January’s transactions have added up to a total of 1.8 billion. Due [...]


Merchant Services: Tips for buying right – the local agent part 1

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Local sales people selling merchant services are all over the place, as far as distribution, sales tactics, knowledge, and offers.  Their offers vary by the company they represent.  Some represent multiple companies.  Is the agent selling you a cash discount or surcharge program?  Some agents have just started, and some have a little experience.  Unfortunately, many merchants have told us about their part-time agent.  Part-time agents on a larger merchant [...]


Is your Verifone Vx520 stuck rebooting? Let’s fix it.

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Do you have a Verifone Vx520 credit card terminal? Verifone Vx 520s and Vx 680s have been experiencing issues.  The most common issue has been a rebooting loop.  Is you Verifone Vx520 stuck rebooting?  A rebooting loop means the vx 520 or vx 680 reboots and never stops at the sales Softpay and CommServer screen.  In order to run transactions, one must activate the Softpay app by pressing F3.  Pressing [...]


Financial Spring Cleaning

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With the first day of spring just barely passing by, it’s time for some spring cleaning and decluttering.  Below, we will give you some tips for how to do some spring cleaning, finance version.   Go paperless By opting in for a paperless option for your bills, you’ll be decluttered and saving the environment! Electric bills are easier to manage and find in your inbox than the scattered papers you [...]


Credit Card Theft: Protection and New Regulation

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Credit card theft is on the rise. An estimated 60 million credit cards were stolen during a 12-month period from U.S. card owners, as reported by a threat intelligence firm Gemini Advisory. And 45.8 million of those credit cards were for sale on the dark web. Who's tracking down the sellers of the stolen information?  How does a bad guy pay for a stolen credit card?  How does an online [...]


NFC & Apple Pay, Why Contactless Payments are on the rise? Contactless Payments: Explained and Advocated

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What is NFC ?  NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC enables contactless payments. A contactless payment is when a card or a smart phone containing Apple Pay, or a similar software, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, hovers over the NFC enabled terminal.  NFC or contactless payments can be displayed as accepted on a terminal, many times by single or multiple green lights.  The terminal can take the card information without having [...]


To Own an EMV Chip Terminal or Not?

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Is your credit card terminal capable of reading an EMV chipped card? If not, you’re at risk. Compared to the boring magnetic strip we grew up with, the chip’s advancement brings safety into a whole new arena when it comes to chipped cards.   The chip in the new debit and credit cards, called EMV, was first issued in the United States in 2015. EMV was created to prevent in-person or fact-to-face credit card transaction fraud. [...]

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