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EMV Mobile Credit Card Payments

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EMV Mobile Credit Card payments are now available on your favorite smartphone or tablet. Features: Bluetooth EMV Reader will swipe also Calculates Sales Tax Accept Tips Reverse My Fees  Key Enter without reader with AVS for best processing rates Images:                                                 Call us to get started accepting [...]


Credit Card Terminal Now Has EMV Certified Lodging Application

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Available now, credit card terminal now has EMV certified lodging application. EMV-Certified Lodging Terminal   Lodging & Hospitality Payment Solution The Apollo terminal is the industry’s only EMV-certified terminal solution to support important lodging segment features.  Hotel owners can now accept payments via the latest technology and avoid costly chargebacks related to the EMV liability shift. Apollo AIO All-in-One Payment Terminal Apollo AIO running the Equinox Voyager application is the [...]


Would you like to eliminate up to 95% of your fees to accept credit cards at your business?

By |Credit Card Processing| Try our no risk, Reverse My Fees Program. In the past merchants would charge a convenience fee when a credit card was used. Typically, a person sees these types of fees online for ticket purchases to events. However, the card brands, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express have authorized a Cash Discount Program. The Cash Discount Program can eliminate merchant fees 95% or more. Reverse My Fees and [...]


Do you have a backup plan to save your business in an emergency? Consider an emergency pack…

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There could be many avenues to travel down and many definitions of a backup plan.  Let’s define backup plan.  I am defining backup plan as an emergency plan.  What plan is in place if "x" happens?  If the business burns to the ground, what emergency plan is followed?  Does insurance help or cover the emergency?  These are all sorts of emergencies, which can affect a business. Let me get specific, [...]


Real Estate Buying and Selling Tips

By |Small Business Owner Tips| Jeremy Ochsner:              Welcome to the call. This Jeremy Ochsner with Stillwater Payments. I'm the founder of Stillwater Payments, and today I have the pleasure of speaking with Aaron Clark. He's a realtor with Edge Realty, and he's been in real estate for 18 years. We're going to be discussing what you need to do when you're buying a house or selling a house and just some great [...]


Credit Card Processing Helpful Hints

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Credit Card Processing Helpful Hints Janet:                    Hi. This is Janet with Stillwater Payments. I'm talking with Jeremy Ochsner today to go over some credit card processing tips. Jeremy:                Hey Janet, thank you for the opportunity and time. Today, we're going to be going over some helpful hints, which will help save people more money on their credit card processing fees, and help them run transactions more smoothly and efficiently, on [...]


EMV Pin Debit- You Want to Save More Money on Your Credit Card Processing?

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EMV Chips: Process them or consider losing money... There are still businesses accepting credit card transactions without Chips and they are missing out on savings with EMV pin debit.  Please be aware, according to the liability shift, you are 100% liable for in-person or fact-to-face credit card transactions.  Here are the details,  where a chip is in the card and you as the business accepting the "chip card" have [...]

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