E-gift Cards may help your business during social distancing from the Wuhan coronavirus

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E-gift Cards

Our hearts go out to those affected by the Wuhan coronavirus.  People are sick, fear is running rampant, and businesses are going under.  Our prayer is for safety, health, and optimism.  We are excited to announce a safe way to help your business generate revenue during the social distancing from the Wuhan coronavirus.  E-gift cards may help your business during social distancing from the Wuhan coronavirus.

What are e-gift cards?

E-gift cards are an electronic or virtual gift card sold online.  E-gift cards work the same as plastic gift cards.  Here’s how, there’s a unique account number, a specific purchase amount, and they can only be used at the business from where they are purchased.  The difference between plastic and e-gift cards, the e-gift card is delivered to an email inbox.  The e-card is loaded and ready for use, when it arrives in the inbox.  There are also options where a plastic card can be issued and mailed for an additional fee.

How do e-gift cards help my business?

Existing business customers and new customers can safely purchase e-gift cards from their own home, while supporting local businesses.   These e-gift cards, depending upon the business, can be used immediately or at a later date.  For e-commerce businesses, purchases can be made instantly with the e-gift cards.  For example, I buy an e-gift card for xyz.com and send it to a client’s email inbox.  Once that client receives the e-gift card, they can immediately go to xyz.com and buy something.  If a retail or restaurant business is open, same thing goes.  The e-gift card can be redeemed either through a virtual terminal or through the retail or plastic gift card account at the retailer.

If the business is closed, the e-gift card can be redeemed when they reopen.  The purchase of the e-gift card for salons and spas, for example, is huge.  It generates revenue without much expense for future services.  E-gift cards generate revenue now for businesses.  Wouldn’t you like to generate revenue now for your business?

How do I sell the e-gift cards?

There are many options to sell online gift cards.  Link up your website with the e-gift cards and sell.  Post the link to facebook and other social media sites.  E-gift cards are a self-service way of generating revenue.  An interested customer clicks the links fills in the information and clicks purchase.

Customize the offers to reward larger purchases.  For example, buy a $500 card and you get another $50 e-gift card for free.  Buy a $100 card and get $110.  The offers and incentives are endless.  Use whatever you want to help your business.  Here’s a wonderful example of the professional, branded integration to the website of e-gift cards, click here.

In order to purchase the e-gift cards, an electronic form of payment needs to be in place.  Our solution uses a secure integrated merchant account solution.

Takeaways for your business

E-gift cards can be a great way to promote your brand, generate new customers and probably most importantly, generate safe revenue during the social distancing caused by the Wuhan coronavirus.  Currently, we are running a special on our e-gift card program through 4/30/2020.  The $800 set up fee for branding and creating the pages to match your website and virtual terminal is waived.  There are other cost savings specials too numerous to mention.  If you’d like further information on pricing for e-gift cards, please give us a call, 877-651-1655 or send us an email sales@stillwaterpayments.com.

A great way to save your business money, Reverse the Credit Card processing fees, click here for more information.

We wish you health, safety, and optimism, the Stillwater Payments Team.


Gift card image Image provided by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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