A Year in Review

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With 2018 officially to a close, it seemed appropriate to reflect and review how the past year was for our business. CEO, Jeremy Ochsner said it was “a year of learning.” This year we really excelled at Reverse My Fees, Business to Business payments, specific Point of Sale systems, our website and our interns.  


Reverse My Fees 

Through the Reverse My Fees program, we reduce up to 95 percent of your credit card processing fees. How it works: a transaction is run through a Reverse My Fees friendly terminal, then the terminal adds the surcharge to the customer. Since the surcharge is added to the customer’s transaction, it helps eliminates your credit card processing fees.

Our largest savings to date is $58,000 per year.

How would you use the extra $58,000 in your pocket? 



B2B Payments 

A B2B company sells to other companies, rather than specifically to individuals. B2B companies have always been a strong-suit of Stillwater Payments. In 2018 with the addition of new technology, our payment processing offerings for B2B companies were strengthened. For example, Level 2 and Level 3 payments are now done with ease. Before, it was a lengthy and tedious process to input the data. Consequently, the time savings and cost savings are tremendous.  The cost savings are running at .75% on average.  Smaller B2B accounts around $10,000 in monthly sales are saving $75/month. Larger accounts, $200k and above, are saving $1,500 plus per month.

How would you use the extra $900 to $18,000 in your pocket?

Stillwater Payments Website 

What changed? The look and feel. The website received a complete make-over this past summer of 2018.

First, there was a complete redesign of the site. Information was placed in more useful layouts, which helped make the information easier to find.  In addition, specific industries were identified and highlighted. The industries now have their own category and pull-down menu. Check out the new layout at stillwaterpayments.com

Secondly, a new support site was added and is now updated often.  Clients and people seeking help with payment processing terminals, mobile payments and gateways can use the site. There is also an FAQ page. This site will help explain some of the complexities of the payments industry. Here’s a link to the site.    

Point of Sale Systems 

Some of the specific Point of Sale terminals we will discuss are POYNT, Paradise, and Bluume. In addition, we will provide a brief overview of each of the terminals we can provide you with.  

POYNT is a California-based start-up that believes payment terminals are on the verge of a major transformation. Poynt’s contribution? A common operating system that can power any smart-terminal worldwide. Poynt’s simplicity is a key selling point in undecided merchants. With specific features like:

  • signature encryption
  • built in EMV
  • instant customer feed back
  • a receipt printer built in
  • extended battery life

An important aspect to Poynt’s terminals is the customer facing screen. The screen allows customers to see how their transaction is working without the card leaving their sight. This detail is a crucial aspect of the safety Poynt provides. The Poynt is more appropriately classified as a smart terminal with some POS abilities.

Paradise is specifically made for iPad’s as they provide an iOS-based POS system. This POS is a great option for retail and restaurant merchants. Paradise includes features such as:

  • inventory and ingredient management
  • business reporting
  • customizable menu and pricing
  • secure transactions with all types of payments.

In other words, Paradise will help your business succeed.  

Bluume was designed for small to medium size businesses. They are specifically concerned with businesses that need a simplified solution with inventory. With Bluume, you are able to track sales and have access to real-time reporting. Above all, Bluume will:

  • increase sales
  • save time and money
  • operate more efficiently.

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In the middle of September of 2018, Jeremy decided on hiring outside help to contribute to the growth of the business. He used interns to help with Stillwater’s ongoing success. Stillwater gained two very talented marketing interns from the University of Nevada, Reno.  They are fulfilling dual roles in marketing and customer support.  To illustrate their tasks, some of their marketing duties include: blogging, social media, video testimonials, and marketing material creation and dispersing. They also help contribute to the website with frequent blog posts. Moreover, Jeremy said, “The interns are impressive; I am looking forward to more great things from them.”  

In conclusion, a lot changed for Stillwater Payments in 2018. With 2019, we hope to increase our sales and growth in our company, and we hope to reach that goal with you! Contact us for any of the services provided above, visit: https://stillwaterpayments.com/contact-us/ or call us at +1 877-651-1655.

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