To Own an EMV Chip Terminal or Not?

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Is your credit card terminal capable of reading an EMV chipped card? If not, you’re at risk. Compared to the boring magnetic strip we grew up with, the chip’s advancement brings safety into a whole new arena when it comes to chipped cards.  

The chip in the new debit and credit cards, called EMV, was first issued in the United States in 2015. EMV was created to prevent in-person or fact-to-face credit card transaction fraud. The chip itself is created with a small integrated circuit in the card. This chip protects against fraud because the chip offers a higher level of security with how the transaction is run and how the chip is manufactured. The chip is hard to duplicate and expensive to copy.  Plus, there is also encryption built into the chip. Check out our previous blog to learn more about the safety of an EMV chipped terminal.  

A quick timeline of EMV and its development: 

2005-First, the European Union accepted EMV chip cards

2012- Then Canada accepted chip cards

2015- Finally, United States joined and accepted chip cards 

Then versus now

Since 2015, the merchant has been held liable for any counterfeit card transactions. According to Visa, about 511.1 million of Visa’s cards, or 71%, are chip enabled. There is proof in the data. The chip is no longer on the rise; it is the new standard.

According to Digital Transaction’s article A Look at EMV’s Headway in 2018in their March 2019 edition, the number of locations that accepted EMV chip “grew nearly 15% in 2018 while EMV payment transactions rose 27%”. So not only are the cards gaining popularity, but taking chip as a form of payment is also increasing. 

Accepting a chip card with an eligible chip reading terminal has been proven to be safer for the merchant, and the customer for face-to-face transactions. Citing Visa Inc., it has been confirmed merchants that accepted EMV cards lost less money to counterfeit fraud. Specifically, the numbers were down by 80%. Cited from the same article, counterfeit fraud losses for all merchants went down 48%.  As a result, fraudsters have migrated their efforts to e-commerce and online payments.

Hopefully, it is apparent that you are safer with an EMV chip terminal than without. Surely, these facts have helped you reevaluate your choice in owning an EMV chip reading terminal.  

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