If Your Small Business Needs Gift Cards for the Holidays – the Time is Now

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It’s the end of October and the Winter Holidays are right around the corner. What do they bring with them? The eternal problem of gift giving.

Here are some important numbers:

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Proper Insights, 56 percent of shoppers in 2016 planned to use gift cards as gifts. In 2015, according to megaplaza.com, gift cards ranked the number one most favorable holiday gift. Over $100 Billion is spent on gift cards each year (ejgiftcards.com) and the market grows by 10 percent annually (revelsystems.com).

Inc. reports that, according to a survey by the NPD Group, “Only 25 percent of the consumers in the study told NPD that they did not plan on purchasing gift cards this holiday season…”

Even more important…

In 2010, First Data published a survey stating that 72 percent of gift card shoppers spend more than the balance on the gift card. Approximately 11 percent of gift card recipients reported they had never or rarely visited the merchant before receiving the card.

With these numbers, your business simply can’t afford not to offer gift cards this holiday season.

We offer gift cards:

At Stillwater payments, we offer both gift and loyalty cards. Not only do we offer standard, hard-copy cards, we also supply stored-value electronic cards.

Our supply of plastic gift cards are individually personalized and branded for your business. Make your mark on the holidays and tap into the huge gift card market with our services.

Choose between two easy billing types for:

The first is a flat monthly fee with unlimited transactions. This allows for flexibility and is ideal for handling high volumes of purchases.

The second is a lower monthly fee with an additional fee per transaction. This makes sense for businesses expecting smaller volumes of gift card sales.

Choosing a billing type is easy, and we’re always here to help. To request a quote, click here.

Stillwater Payments Gift Card by AmountWhy order now?

Black Friday and Christmas might seem like a long way away, but they’re right around the corner. This is the time when everyone collectively decides it’s time to boost their holiday business with gift cards. We receive large volumes of orders and it takes time to personalize and ship each batch. If you want to be one of the clients that takes advantage of our personalized gift card services, the time to order is now.

Holidays are a time for thanksgiving, family, and joy. The holiday season is also one of the most revenue-generating times for businesses. We offer a lot of services to help your business thrive. Our branded gift cards and E-gift cards are just one of our ways to help this holiday season become your best season yet.

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