Here’s How to Bring Your Business to Success In the New Year:

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Welcome to 2019. It’s a new year. It’s a time to purge the old and welcome the new. This is the year to make your business the absolute best it can be. This year’s resolution? Giving your business, and yourself, all the tools necessary to have the best year yet.  

But how does one go about making these changes? 

In a previous blog post, we discussed ways to revamp your business for the holidays. Well, the holidays have come and gone, and it’s time to consider what comes next. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you ring in the new year on the right foot.  

Are you losing money by paying high merchant account fees? 

This is a question that often rests heavily on the minds of small business owners. It’s an important one, too. Too many business owners are paying more in fees than they should to accept credit card payments. This can amount to thousands of dollars a year. 

The solution to this is the Reverse My Fees program. Through the Reverse My Fees program, we reduce up to 95 percent of your fees. When a transaction is run through a Reverse My Fees terminal or one of our Virtual Terminals, the machine automatically adds a customer surcharge that mitigates your fees.  

This service has saved some of our clients thousands of dollars a month.  A couple examples, Corporate Cards and Minimize P-Card Fees 

Is your payment terminal up-to-date? 

The world of payments terminals is rapidly changing. Like many things, terminals are going digital. With the rise of “smart terminals” and online shopping, you can’t afford to be behind the curve.  

We love our Virtual Terminals. We literally can’t stop talking about them. In previous articles, Virtual Cards will cost you, we’ve discussed the features that make our Virtual Terminals so great.   The Poynt terminal is the first Smart Terminal of its kind.  More information on the POYNT, click here

Some of these benefits are simple level 2 and level 3 processing, secure card storage, batch upload, built-in customer loyalty, easy to process returns, and invoicing.  

How are you organizing and keeping track of your receipts and invoices in the new year?  

People all over the world use the new year to get organized. But what about your business? A business naturally gathers paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork.  

The good news is, with all the new terminals in town, records are going digital.  

With the Virtual Terminal, you can receive an itemized summary of your monthly transactions through email. Receipts can also be gathered digitally. Another perk? Electronic Invoicing. Send and receive all your invoices without ever needing a paper copy.  

Process returns easily with the click of a button.  Customer no longer needs to be present with their payment card to process returns through our virtual terminals and Poynt “Smart Terminals”.

Are your fees going up in the new year? 

One thing business owners need to be aware of is the danger of creeping fees. Nothing ruins a financial plan like an unexpected increase in fees. Sometimes, it seems like fees are a never-ending financial drain that just keeps growing.   The payment processing industry has a “black eye” for multiple reasons.  One consistent cause of merchant skepticism and dissatisfaction is merchant card rate increases continually blamed on the card brands.  Yes, the card brands to adjust their rates and fees.  Sometimes up, sometimes down, and sometimes there are no significant changes. 

The real question- How does your processor of your credit card transactions handle “rate-increase times”?   We have seen increases as high as .75% by some processors.  If an average business is processing $20,000 per month in credit card transactions, a .75% increase would add $150 in fees to their merchant account or $1800 per year.  Please be aware, in most cases rate increases are benefiting the credit card processors.  Their increases pad their bottom line, showing top line revenue growth on existing customers.  Have you been notified on an increase in 2019?  

Luckily, there’s a way to stop that before it drags you down in the new year. rate-lock

We call it Rate Lock. This simply means that our fees never creep up. Ever. Our processing fees are locked, and that’s something that will never change.  

There’s a lot to worry about in the new year. Increasing fees should not be one of them.  


This is an exciting time. A time of rebirth. A time to make healthy, positive changes that ensure this year will be even better than the last. Use these tools to propel your business into 2019 the right way. And from all of us at Stillwater Payments, have a Happy New Year.  

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