Upgrade to an EMV credit card terminal before 4/30/15 and you are eligible for a $100 rebate.  EMV credit card terminals are more secure and process a variety of payment methods, including EMV or chip enabled cards, NFC (Apple Pay), magstripe cards, and pin entry cards.

EMV is already here.  EMV chipped credit cards have been in Europe and Canada and other parts of the world for years now.  EMV enabled cards have been issued in small amounts here in the US.  However, that will pick up dramatically, when in October 2015, there is a liability switch happening.

The major card brands will reward whomever has the EMV technology by moving liability to the party who has less or has not invested in EMV on card-present transaction.  If both parties have the same technology, then the liability is the same as it is today.  Go to: http://www.emv-connection.com/emv-migration-driven-by-payment-brand-milestones/ for more information on EMV and the liability changes in October.

Protect your business with the newest EMV credit Card terminal and receive $100 back.  You must act quickly.








Here’s how it works:

#1  Purchase an EMV terminal

#2  Obtain your American Express account number from your processor or call 800-480-1222 to get the access code

#3  Go to this link: https://www209.americanexpress.com/merchant/services/en_US/landingPage?va=us-mer-fightfraud-EMV

#4  Enter the information

#5 Upload a photo of the sticker on the bottom of the EMV credit card terminal

Your rebate will show up soon.

Get more secure, fight fraud, and get $100 back with a new EMV credit card terminal and if you buy from DonUp, your EMV credit card terminal has our Infinite Warranty.

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