Stillwater Payments is pleased to offer another elite service to our clients – lifetime Rate Lock.

The Stillwater Payments’ credit card processing fees are locked for the duration of your merchant account with Stillwater Payments. We don’t raise the processing fees to cover tiered pricing and call that rate lock like our competitors do.

The reason we can offer true Rate Lock is that most of our clients enjoy “interchange plus pricing.” Sometimes called “cost plus pricing” or “interchange pass-through pricing”, the rates for our clients are set directly by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover and the debit networks, and we pass the rates (interchange and assessments) through at cost. These rates are published for merchant’s review on the card brand company websites.

These interchange and assessments are subject to change by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and the debit networks charge. When the interchange rates and fees decrease, our clients enjoy a decrease and lower processing fees overall. However, if the interchange rates increase, the increase is only passed along at cost to our clients.

Now that you understand the “interchange”, what about the “plus” portion “interchange plus pricing?” The “plus” are the Stillwater Payments’ fees, which include

  • processing,
  • authorization, and
  • monthly fees.

The Stillwater Payments’ processing fees are locked. We will not increase our credit card processing fees.

Here’s additional transparency and honesty: Stillwater Payments credit card processing fees are for complete and thorough client care. You want amazing client care; we are there for you. A credit card processing industry expert is waiting to serve you when you call. We offer the lowest possible processing fees. We teach each client how to minimize their credit card processing fees. And the processing fees are locked for a lifetime or the duration of your merchant account with Stillwater Payments, whichever is longer.


No ‘introductory, low” rates, “teaser” rates, bill-back or enhanced bill-back, or multi-tiered, non-disclosure card processing pricing structures, which are preferred by most other credit card processors.

Many merchants we have interviewed about these other pricing structures have said they changed for the “low” or “teaser” rate. When these same merchants performed the gross effective rate calculation on their merchant account, which is simply total fees divided by processing volume, they find they are actually paying 4% and sometimes as high as 8%. As you can imagine, 4%-8% is drastically more than the merchant expects to pay, compared to the “teaser” or “low introductory” rate quoted.

Tiered pricing usually hides the actual fees, which benefit the processor. Interchange plus pricing lowers the overall gross effective rate for credit card processing fees. You pay less overall for processing your credit card transactions with Stillwater Payments. That is why Stillwater Payments prefers to use the interchange plus pricing structure. Some credit card processors using interchange pricing will actually raise their processing fees after the merchant is processing.

Some processors have a required minimum amount of revenue for each account, called a monthly minimum. If during their review time, typically in April and October, when the card brands may adjust interchange, some processors will raise the “plus” part to make their desired profit levels. Stillwater Payments chooses to lock our processing fees. We lock our processing fees and we actually show you our costs. Our statements have complete card disclosure for those merchants who desire to see all interchange and assessments. They can be compared with the brand’s website to make sure there are no other interchange fees added. You can verify the interchange you are being charged with the interchange listed on the card brands’ web sites. If you like, one of our industry experts can review your merchant statement with Stillwater Payments. Give us a call; we are glad to help.

  • Tired of your rates creeping up, up?
  • Would you like to experience a lower overall effective rate with rate lock to ensure the cost reductions remain?
  • Did your introductory rate or rates and fees increase?
  • Are you paying the same or more than before a switch?
  • Did you have to lease a terminal to get the “low” rates, which have now gone up?

Give one of our industry experts a call. We would be glad to show you how interchange pricing will lower your credit card processing expenses. We understand you want to pay the lowest fees to accept credit cards. Trust Stillwater Payments to provide the lowest fees for credit card acceptance. We know Rate Lock combined with interchange pricing is an awesome offer for your business. We also believe that no other processing companies will offer a legitimate rate lock to their clients. And with some credit card processing companies using support providers outside of the United States, they certainly will never match our thorough client care and excellent service. We do all of that plus Next Day Funding, low equipment prices with Infinite Warranty.