If your hardware breaks, pay a small deductible- we call it a swap fee.  Why pay retail again for your broken credit card processing equipment?  Infinite Warranty covers your credit card processing equipment.

  • EMV Credit Card Terminals and EMV Pin Pads- $159 swap fee
  • EMV Wireless Credit Card Terminals- $349 swap fee
  • iCMP Ingenico, Miura, and Castles MP200- $179 swap fee
  • POYNT- $549 swap fee
  • Nomad- $159 swap fee
  • Nomad with Printer- $209 swap fee
  • Mobile Readers and no Display EMV Blue Tooth Readers- $89 Swap Fee

Fine Print:

  • Device Payment Plans can pay the swap fee or begin a new device payment plan.
  • Swap fees include basic ground shipping to the merchant location.
  • Infinite Warranty is in effect, if the merchant has an active merchant account with Stillwater Payments and is processing their transactions with Stillwater Payments.
  • For all swaps, Stillwater Payments must receive the broken terminal back within 10 business days. If the terminal is not received by Stillwater Payments within 10 business days of the swap; full retail price paid on the original invoice will be charged for the non-returned equipment.