What would it look like if you did more of the things which inspired you or brought you immense joy?  How would your life change?  Or maybe, how would you be changing others’ lives?   Why spend time on negative things, criticism of others in person or on social media, gossip, bad attitudes, or toxic relationships?  Eliminate those things which bring you down.  Do more things which bring you up and encourage you.

How Do I remove the negative thought processes?

I have a deep desire to pray and read my bible in the mornings.  That activity leaves me with a positive attitude for the day.  It brings me closer to my creator and His good character.  I’ve been able to process challenges at work, such as the emotion of anger when a client leaves our company.  Just this morning, in processing this emotion, I was shown gratitude instead of feeling like I was personally attacked.  How freeing!  I believe now, I can thank the client with gratitude for their time with us and bless them and their business.  I’ve followed through immediately on their request and set things up for a proper closure of their account, making it easy and simple for them.  I don’t want to lose clients.  I want to know if we have done something to cause the move of the client.  I always want our team to get better and improve.  Because of my time spent doing something inspiring, I will be more graceful when the next one chooses to leave us.   It is infrequent, anyway, and that is business.  So why let one thing which could be a negative affect me, when there is so much good going on!

Toxic relationships can be a huge detriment to a positive attitude.  Many times, toxic relationships can lead to bad attitudes and detrimental thought processes without even knowing it.  Gossip can be another result of toxic relationships.  Be careful of toxic people.  They may look like complainers, gossipers, speculators, or folks who just have a negative overall outlook on life.  Let me be clear, toxic people still need friends.  I’m not suggesting abandoning toxic people.  Maybe you are the key to them recognizing and changing their outlook?  I’m suggesting being careful what you allow to influence you.  Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (NIV) Your heart, your emotions, what you think of yourself, be careful what influences that.  Positive influences lead to those positive emotions.

Good Influences which inspire me

Books inspire me and help me.  I love to read testimonies and self-improvement books.  “Headtrash” is a book I’m currently reading.  The premise of the book is to help a person identify and remove their junk which stands between them and success.  Some of the items or junk discussed are control, insecurity, arrogance, and paranoia.  I’ve found this book has helped me to identify bad thought patterns, which lead to a bad attitude or a poor response when things don’t go the way I expected.  “Headtrash” has pointed me to the good and positive things in my life.  And as a result, I want to do more things which inspire me and are good for me.

I have discovered Toastmasters.  The club meets from 7-830AM.  For me to get up and be around a group of strangers that early in the morning is a challenge.  Well, that’s what I thought at first!  From the first meeting as a guest, I felt like part of the family.  The group is diverse in age, experience and has a wonderful balance of male and female members.  The speeches are inspiring and I learn something new every week.  I absolutely love it!  I am looking forward to our meeting every week.  My toastmasters group inspires me to be a better speaker and is a wonderful jolt of positive energy and a curiosity of who might I meet this week or what might I learn!

There are many more things which inspire me, such as spending time with my immediate and extended family, camping, hunting, fishing, and gardening.  When I am full of positives and gratitude, I’m able to share those and so much more with others.  What could you do with a little more gratitude?  What could you do with a little more joy?  Why not take some time to consider what brings you joy or a positive attitude and do more of those things?  I believe we all could use more positive influences and things which inspire us in our lives.

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