Not all “experts” claiming to be able to lower credit card debt are trustworthy.

How do you find someone trustworthy to help deal with credit card debt? @Davidlaz has the answer

Be careful about online offers to lower or eliminate credit card debt. Not all are trustworthy

Swamped with credit card debt? Here are two organizations that can help:

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

The Assn. of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies.

Suzan says she’s “overwhelmed with credit card debt” and is seeking a way to settle with her creditors — hopefully for a lower amount than she currently owes.

She wants to know where to turn.

First off, Suzan isn’t alone. According to the latest stats, American consumers collectively owe nearly $670 billion in credit card debt.


The websites for both will allow you to search for an accredited counselor in your area. And in many cases, you won’t face out-of-pocket costs for their service; the creditor often pays.

Will that counselor be able to reduce your debt load or lower your payments? Maybe — but not always. However, they’ll likely be able to guide you toward the best plan of action for your situation.



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